About the author

Matthew LaCroix is a passionate writer and researcher who grew up in the outdoors of northern New England. From an early age, a strong connection back to nature was established and built into the morals of his life. His persistent yearning for adventure led him into profound, life-changing experiences that inspired him to write for local and national magazines such as Backpacker and AMC Outdoors.

While attending Plymouth State University, he published his first book at the age of 22 and began studying history, philosophy, quantum mechanics, and superstring theory. His focus became uncovering and connecting the esoteric teachings from secret societies and ancient cultures that disappeared long ago in our past. At 32 he published his second book; “The Illusion of Us”, which combined years of research to discover the truth about history, human origins, as well as the fundamentals of consciousness.

In 2019 he released his third book entitled; “The Stage of Time”, which represented a compilation of ancient texts, spiritual wisdom, and theoretical physics, combined together to find answers to some of our most difficult questions. From understanding the complexities of reality, to lost history, and the identity of the gods of antiquity, no stone is left unturned in the endless pursuit of truth.